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Our approach emphasises the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and understanding through direct experiences, engaging learners in hands-on activities, practical exposure, and real-world situations. This method encourages active participation, reflection, and application of knowledge gained from direct experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and retention of concepts.


We are executive trainers and coaches, with international experience in business education. By creating a safe and reflective space, we help people become more self-aware so they can develop their leadership capabilities and leverage their personal strengths to thrive, grow, and become more fulfilled in their career and occupations.

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Patrick Parker:

Deep interest in helping people, from young professionals stepping into leadership roles, transitioning into new careers, or senior executives and how to review and articulate what makes work personally meaningful to them and their definition of success.


20+ years in several senior roles at INSEAD, one of the leading and most international of business schools. Executive Masters in Coaching and Consulting for Change, INSEAD.

Chris Marren:

A profound passion for assisting individuals and teams, spanning from supporting young professionals as they take on greater responsibilities, guiding career transitions, to aiding senior executives in evaluating and expressing their sense of purpose.


27 years in the British Military, 10+ years as a farmer and environmental woodland manager and certified (PCC), practising trainer and coach for international clients since 2017.

Areas of Expertise

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Managing stress

  • Cross cultural awareness

  • Leadership inclusion

  • Mission Command

  • Leader as a coach

  • Embarking teams in change

  • Team and group dynamics

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